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The animated film called Yellow Submarine is now remastered and restored on video and DVD. To add onto to this animated flick, a soundtrack titled Yellow Submarine Songtrack is added to CD. George Martin's orchestra music is eliminated from this version of Yellow Submarine. There has been new footage to the film including the sequence to "Hey Bulldog," which has been previously unreleased in the United States.




September 9th 1997-- Derek Taylor, who was the former Beatles Press officer and head of Apple Records died at the age of 65 after fighting cancer in his esophagus. Taylor played large roles in the Anthology book project, the Anthology video and album releases along with the Live at the BBC album.

February 26th 1997-- The Beatles go home from the Grammy awards for the Anthology they conducted within the last two years. They won the Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal, Best Music Video from the "Free As A Bird" music video, and Best Music Video from the Anthology video as a whole.




November 1995-- The Beatles Anthology including the videos of "Free As A Bird" and "Real Love" are aired on ABC. This film followed by the triple LPs and rare unreleased tracks were very successful.

June 23rd 1995-- Additional rehearsals took place at Frair Park Studios in Henley on Thames, England. This eventually produced "Free As A Bird" and "Real Love." This included the rehearsals of "Thinking of Linking," "Ain't She Sweet," "Love Me Do," I Saw Her Standing There," "I Will," "Derradune," and "Blue Moon of Kentucky." 

February 1995-- Mills Studio in Sussex England welcomed the Beatles to convene to record "Real Love" and "Now and Then" -- Also titled "Miss You". "Now and Then" was scrapped material that John Lennon had rcorded in the past, but never completed his thoughts. The song contains a chourus and no verses on the few bootlegs that it shows up on. Jeff Lynne was noted for saying that the song was never intended for release.

February/March 1995-- "Free As A Bird," "Real Love," and "Grow Old With Me" become the three demos the Beatles work on. The three remaining Beatles choose "Grow Old With Me" in favor of "Now and Then," but it too is eventually taken away from they're attention. Jeff Lynne came in to co-produce, because George Martin refused due to a growing hearing loss. Extreme measures were then taken to remove tape hiss, clicks, wavering and other abnormalities. This was due to the primitive home equipment that it was originally recorded on. This process took roughly a week per song.


November 30th 1994-- Just prior to what many refer to as the anthology campaign, a collection of BBC recordings from the beginning days of the Beatles is released. The news songs to many Beatles collectors are found in the doulbe LP called Live At The BBC. This double LP peaked at number 1 in both the U.S. and the U.K.

February 14th 1994-- The Late Show with David Letterman celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Beatles' appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. The Late Show has been known to tape its show in what's now called the Ed Sullivan Theatre. To celebrate such an event, David Letterman made the theme of his typical Top Ten List: The Top Ten Signs The Beatles Might Be Here Tonight.                                                                                                                                                                                    10. Giant Yellow Submarine parked in front of theater.
9. Street vendors selling Ringo dogs.
8. They were supposed to be on last night but we ran out of time.
7. The entire theater smells like Liverpool.
6. Pete Best spotted in the standby ticket line.
5. Saw Dan Rather outside waving his autograph book.
4. Late last night Ringo's hairpiece arrived at JFK.
3. Letterman spent his day warming up for post-show jam session.
2. Yoko Ono spotted outside theater holding lead pipe.
1. Hell has just frozen over.


September 20th 1993-- The Double LP's  1962-1966 (Red Album) and 1967-1970 (Blue Album) were orignally released on record in 1973 were made into compact discs and released in Great Britain. These same double disc albums were released in the United States on October 5th. 










The Beatles are inducted into the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame.

September 8th 1988-- The original bus used by the Beatles in they're film the "Magical Mystery Tour" is bought by the Hard Rock Cafe. The Cafe refurbishes the bus and tours around the United States at various Hard Rock Cafes. In the end they gave up the bus in 2001 for the restaurant's 30th anniversary.

The three remaining Beatles successfully sue Capitol Records for unpaid royalties. This successfully helped for future projects such as Live at the BBC and the long thoughout efforts in the Anthology project.


The Beatles enter into a new marketplace, when all of their original British LP's are released on Compact Disc. With this done the Beatles continue to go on and off of the chart through out the year, with many discs being sold.


March 28th 1986-- EMI Records pays the Beatles back royalties after a court order. EMI ended up paying the group a sum of £ 2,832,264 (,068,146.52 US). Additional unexpected royalties are more than likely to be paid to the group, with reports saying as much as another £ 2,000,000 (about ,872,453 US).






July 11th-September 11th 1983-- Visitors of Abbey Road studios were treated to the broadcast of several unreleased Beatles songs, as well as different remixes and takes of released songs during the studio's summer renovation. A fan is then caught trying to tape the show during this time. Three other fans are caught smuggling in tape recorders inside of shopping bags, and are let through by the security guards after the fail to check the bags or put them through metal detectors. Afterwards, the form and basis is made up for several great Beatles bootleg albums, which are released as The Beatles Live at Abbey Road Studios.


October 1982-- On it's 20th anniversary "Love Me Do" is re-released 20 years after its original release as a UK single. The hit song becomes big hit hitting #4 on the chart. Other Beatles singles are re-released on their 20th anniversaries as well.

April 1982-- Reaching #12 in the U.S. and #10 in the U.K., The Beatles Movie Medley is released as a single.




December 8th 1980-- After signing tickets for fans in New York City, John Lennon is shot dead by a derranged man named Mark David Chapman just outside of his apartment called the Drake. Just hours before getting shot, Lennon gave Chapman and autograph while he was still standing in the crowd.




February 1978-- Bernard Purdie claims that he had played on 21 tracks of the Beatles first three albums in an interview with 'Gig' magazine. He also claims that he was paid by Brain Epstein to keep quite for "five figures." He also admits to playing on tracks by the Animals and the Monkees. It is believed that Purdie overdubbed drums on the Atco U.S. Single "Ain't She Sweet." He mentions that he has done many other overdubs on other Tony Sheridan recordings, which didn't include the Beatles. He says that he was confusing Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers with another backing band. Also, he claims that guitar overdubs were made on several additional tracks.


May 1977-- Released world-wide, the Beatles let out their album Live at the Hollywood Bowl. This album is a tape of a 1965 concert that was previously unreleased reaching  #1 in both the U.S. and the U.K.


August 23rd 1976-- Three years after rumors that the Beatles had secretly reunited as 'Klaatu,' an album had been released with a sun cover and a plain sleeve by the band with the same name. Although the music represents somthing from the Sgt. Pepper era, no credits or notes were ever presented on the record. Many claim that this is in fact the Beatles ranging from voice tests to obscure film references from the past, there are more than 150 clues to look at. Later it was revealed that it was an album entirely made by four Canadian session players.

June 1976-- Rock N' Roll Music is a double LP that is released in the U.K. and U.S. reaching the top 20. The single "Got To Get You Into My Life" is released in the U.S. and reaches #19.