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June 2nd 2004-- In a recent interview Paul McCartney admits that he was taken heroin and cocaine around the same time of the release of the album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

May 27th 2004-- The former Who drummer Keith Moon asked the Beatles to join the group at a club in the early 1960's, and then a man named Ringo Starr had come in proving to play better with the group claims author Bill Harry.

February 2004-- This marked the 40th anniversary of the Beatles arrival into the United States. Throughout the month the Beatles had been celebrated in different ways. They happened to be on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine once again, thousands of radio stations celebrated their presence and what they have given, and The Late Show with David Lettermen payed a special tribute to them playing the Ed Sullivan show on February 7th on a big screen. Furthurmore, a documentary dubbed The First U.S. Visit is reissued with new footage on DVD.

January 2004-- A DJ with the on air name of Danger Mouse released what many reffer to as The Grey Album, which consists of a remix of vocals by the modern day rapper Jay Z from his previously released "The Black Album" mixed with the music from the Beatles' The Beatles "The White Album." There was a reported 3,000 of these albums moved to compact discs. Considering the fact that these discs were so rare, they sold rather quickly. On the flip side of the album being released, EMI had cited a copyright violation stating that DJ Danger Mouse had neither asked for permission to use the songs and had paid no royalty fees.  


November 18th 2003-- Let It Be...Naked had been reissued from the 1970 album Let It Be. This album has used alternate takes and mixes. It had also removed having Phil Spector from the post-production. This album also came with a bonus disc called Fly On The Wall, expressing the Beatles behind the scenes of the music of the album, and even takes from some of their post careers.

February 14th 2003-- The tapes from The Beatles "The White Album" and Abbey Road going all the way back to 1969 were recovered from the police in Sydney, Australia. The following tape reels were stolen from Abbey Road studios, and it's evident that the recovery was related to bootleg raids that took place a few weeks earlier.

January 11th 2003-- There were 500 original reels of lost Get Back sessions that took place in 1968 and 1969. Throughout this recovery the police witnessed and international piracy ring, and arrested five people.


September 15th 2002-- Paul McCartney announces that a soundtrack called "Carnival Of Light" is going to be released in a photofilm of Beatles photos that were shot by his late wife Linda.


November 29th 2001-- Lead guitarist for the Beatles George Harrison died at 1:30 P.M. at a friends home in Los Angeles California with his family members by his side. Throughout the year, Harrison fought hard to beat out the cancer, but lost in the long run. George Harrison was 57 (1943-2001).

July 24th 2001-- A T.V. magazine "Access Hollywood" announced the Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison would discuss the possibility of releasing a Beatles 2 album later in the year. If the Beatles were to go through with this an release date would be marked for sometime in the end of 2002.

July 23rd 2001-- On behalf of George Martin Music, Adam Sharp goes on record to deny that George Harrison attributed to him in the London tabloid Mail On Sunday a day earlier was ever given. This article in the paper had read "He has been near death many times and he's been rescued many times as well. But he knows he is going to die soon and he's accepting it perfectly happily." Mr. Sharp said that George Martin had not discussed the recent cancer treatments that were being performed to the lead guitarist of the Beatles. Sharp did not mention wheter Martin was considering suing Mail On Sunday.  

June 4th 2001-- Ananova released an article saying that no plans have been made by EMI releasing the Beatles track "Carnival of Light." George Harrison had been noted for calling the track "avant-garde-a-clue."

March 25th 2001-- It was reported by Britain's Sunday Times that Hunter Davies was working on releasing an biography on the Quarry Men. Within the biography it mentions that John nearly kicked Paul out of the group because he was so "precocious." Later bandmate Eric Griffiths convinced John Lennon to keep him in the band.

March 1st 2001-- Although the magazine was set for release in mid February, The Beatles had made the cover of Rolling Stone magazine for the eight time covering all of their songs that were previously released on the Beatles 1 album in 2000. The magazine gives in-depth backgrounds and information on many of the Beatles highest feats throughout their songs.

February 13th 2001-- The Beatles Meet The Beatles is inducted and entered into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

February 12th 2001-- Breaking more ground the Beatles 1 album has set a record reaching the number one spot in 34 different countries. This record was previously held by the Irish group U2 at 32. By this time the Beatles have sold 20 million copies of Beatles 1 worldwide.

January 31st 2001-- Heat Magazine releases a survey dubbing the Beatles as the highest earning music act of 2000 thirty years after they had broke up. This was credited to the excelling sales of Beatles 1 and the "Anthology" book that was released.

January 4th 2001-- Revolver was noted by muscians and critics of VH1 as the greatest album of all time. The other Beatles albums to make the list include: Rubber Soul (#6), Abbey Road (#8), Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (#10), and The Beatles (The White Album) (#11).


November 14th 2000-- The Beatles 1 album becomes the first greatest hits album to hit the shelves in almost twenty years. This features 27 songs that have peaked at number 1 on either the U.S. the U.K. or both. This album allows the ears of the 21st century to go back four decades and enjoy the successful lyrics and instruments of the 'Fab Four.'

November 13th 2000-- To introduce the new album the Beatles were bringing to the public, the offcial website had opened up to the world. features information about all of the songs that are set to be released on their new album Beatles 1. It also includes sleeve photos, interactive tours, and concert performances.

September 26th 2000-- Paul McCartney releases Liverpool Sound Collage, which features five tracks. Four of the five tracks contain unreleased and unheard Beatles material, which include music and studio chat. The track listing includes: 1: Plastic Beetle (Paul McCartney, The Beatles), 2: Peter Blake 2000 (Super Furry Animals, The Beatles), 3: Real Gone Dub Made In Manifest In The Vortex Of The Eternal Now (Youth), 4: Made Up (Paul McCartney, The Beatles), 5: Free Now (Paul McCartney, The Beatles, Super Furry Animals).

August 15th 2000-- Two new songs ("Plastic Beetle" and "Free Now") are announced by Paul McCartney. These tracks represent a club-mix sound from several outtakes recorded between 1965 and 1969. These songs were created for Peter Blake's (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band artist) "Liverpool Sound Collage", which was a multimedia project. The Beatles give credit to the Welch group and The Super Furry Animals, who have assisted in this project.

April 2nd 2000-- It is confirmed by Paul McCartney that George Harrison and Ringo Starr are collaborating on a companion book to the 'Anthology' series. They announce that the book will be over 320 pages, feature 1200 photos. Many of the photos have never been published before. The book is estimated to start selling at in the United States when it's published.



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